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Tough Love for a Nation of Whiners


Most therapists tend to be tolerant of patients who consistently complain in a pattern of negative communication. Now a new approach is coming to the fore, according to Elizabeth Bernstein in the Wall Street Journal.. Therapists are suggesting that chronic complainers spend 10 minutes a day venting their discontent; others are making it clear to these men and women that it is time for them to solve their problems.

One of the most interesting points in this article is the proposition that America has become a nation of whiners, having learned how to wear down our parents with complaints until we got what we wanted. If you listened to the daily conversations of people, you'd discover that 75% of it is negative. We complain about the weather, the traffic, work, food, movies, waiting, and much more. Whining has become a national pastime.

What can we do to curb the whiner within us? Many spiritual traditions support the conscious daily use of intention to stop a barrage of negative comments. It is possible to break the habit of complaining by saying positive things on a regular basis. We also suggest using the spiritual practice of gratitude as a firewall around the urge to constantly complain.

Read this at The Wall Street Journal


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