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The 12s

By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Darren C. Polito


12 12 Practices Logo

12 is a number of completion and wholeness. There are 12 months in the year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 inches in a foot, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples of Christ, 12 steps, and more examples.

Welcome to our collection of 12s — galleries that invite you to explore spiritual practices and spiritual wisdom from all the world's religions. We do one a month — 12 a year — and we welcome requests.

12 Quotes on Creativity
Creativity isn't just about the "arts." It can turn up in some unlikely places. Best of all, creative expression is a way to practice our spirituality.
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12 Quotes on Humility
In these days of self-improvement and self-esteem programs, one spiritual quality we may overlook is humility — the practice of not putting ourselves first. These 12 quotes can help you put things back in perspective and right size your ego.
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12 Quotes on Patience
Oh so challenging, but oh so worth it, there are opportunities to practice patience all day, everyday. Watch the sands fall as you read these quotes and discover your patience.
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12 Quotes on Generosity
There are so many ways to be generous. View these inspiring examples and then see how many more you can come up with on your own.
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12 Quotes on Vision
Insights, outlooks, perceptions and revelations are all part of the spiritual practice of vision. Our actions stemming from vision help us to identify, reframe, and recognize the world around us and our place in it.
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12 Quotes on Faith
You can see faith not as something you have but something you are in — a relationship. Like developing any relationship, faith takes practice. Take a leap and explore these 12 perspectives on faith.
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12 Quotes on Devotion
Formal devotions are as varied as the traditions from which they spring. They can also be informal gestures with the simple recognition that everything is linked to the Divine. Our latest 12s gallery turns quotes on devotion into icons about the many ways we access the Divine.
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12 Quotes on Openness
"Go with the flow," "free spirit," and "beginner's mind" are just a few phrases that speak to openness. Keeping our minds, hearts, and spirits open to the world takes practice. Here are 12 quotes to help you.
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12 Quotes on Teachers
Have you reached that point in life when you realize that everything you encounter and everyone you meet is a potential teacher? Let these 12 quotes help you choose to see all of life as a spiritual classroom.
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12 Quotes on Meaning
The search for meaning often defines spirituality. But how do we find meaning? Or do we make it? The wisdom traditions tell us we do both — as these quotes reflect.
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12 Quotes on Grace
Like invisible rain, Grace washes over all of us without us having do to anything. So if it's out of our hands, how do we engage in this spiritual practice? Acceptance is all that's needed. These 12 quotes lead you to recognizing grace in your life.
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12 Quotes on Imagination
A rich inner resource available to everyone, imagination offers fuel for our human and spiritual journeys. Let your imagination take flight with these inspiring quotes.
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12 Quotes on Peace
Peace — inner and outer — is the goal of all spiritual people. It is an inner state of well-being and calm. It is also an outer project of promoting nonviolence, conflict resolution, and cooperation in the world. Peace within ourselves helps bring peace to the world.
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12 Quotes on Listening
Listening takes practice and acts as a bridge to our world. Strengthen your powers of listening not just with your ears but also with your heart.
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12 Quotes on Nurturing
The often missing piece in spiritual practice is self-care. Tending to our owns needs allows us to better tend to those of others. Take comfort in these 12 views on nurturing.
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12 Quotes on Being Present
The world's religions all recommend living in the moment with full awareness. Be here now, they say, because this moment is all there is and it will never come again. Here are some quotes on the benefits and blessings of the practice of being present.
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12 Quotes on Zeal
To be fully aroused by life is to live with zeal. Tapping into the divine energy that pulsates within us and around us fuels our entry into this practice. Get fired up!
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12 Quotes on Forgiveness
All the spiritual traditions raise up the value of forgiveness, but many people still find it to be a nearly impossible ideal. Explore these quotes for different perspectives on forgiving and being forgiven.
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12 Quotes on Justice
None of us is free until all of us are free. That's why justice is demanded in all the world's religions. These inspiring quotes apply justice to a whole range of relationships with people, animals, and the environment.
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12 Quotes on Silence
Shhhhhh — come into the silence. Find some refuge from the noise of the world (or your own mind) in this gallery of stillness and quiet.
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12 Quotes on Transformation
There is an inherent human quest for transformation. We seek wholeness for ourselves so that we can then be agents of change to help heal the world. We offer 12 quotes to help ignite your personal transformation.
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12 Quotes on Unity
The yearning for human unity is a universal one. But it requires practice to see the unity in all things. These illustrated quotes show you where to look.
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12 Quotes on Hope
Hope is an emotion, a passion, a prayer, and a verb. We find it in everyday life and unexpected places. Best of all, we can plant it ourselves. Explore the many meanings of hope with these inspiring quotes.
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12 Quotes on Shadow
To recognize our wholeness, we are encouraged to make peace with all the dark parts of ourselves that we would rather keep secret. What we see as flaws, defects and failings can actually be our greatest teachers. These quotes offer some guidance in the shadow.
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12 Quotes on Connections
What mystics have always known has been confirmed by physics and ecology — all things are interconnected. Dueling dualisms are giving way to holistic thinking. Immerse yourself in these kaleidoscopes of connections and feel your connection to all.
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12 Quotes on You
Each of us is a work in progress. The spiritual practice of you challenges us to become all we can be and to acknowledge all that we already are. Let these 12 quotes remind you of You. All the images used are original artwork by Perry Arthur Kroeger.
See the gallery

12 Quotes on Joy
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad! That's the assignment. And the first step is to expand your sense of what it means to be joyful. Let these 12 quotes on joy help you express it in all arenas of your life.
See the gallery

12 Quotes on Gratitude
Religious teachings and scientific studies agree: feeling and expressing gratitude puts you on the path to happiness and contentment. And there are many ways and reasons to be thankful. Here are 12 reminders of the many facets of gratitude.
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12 Quotes on Love
This month's 12s gallery was created using photos offered by visitors to Spirituality & Practice after we put out a call for love in our e-newsletter and on Facebook. Love is both a feeling and a capacity we all share. The first step: recognizing love when we see it. Let these quotes and photos remind you of the many ways love manifests.
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12 Quotes on Compassion
Compassion is at the cornerstone of all religious traditions. It's the ability to recognize, relate and identify with the emotions of others — people, animals and even nature — to "suffer together with." Allow the red lotus of compassion to bloom in your heart as you ponder these quotes and images.
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12 Quotes on Attention
It's so easy to get lost in our daily routines and miss the wonder, beauty, and miracles that are all around. Paying attention brings all this and more back into focus. Attend to yourself, others, and the world to see what you've been missing.
See the gallery

Rhino12 Quotes on Questing
Questers venture into the unknown, confront difficulties and dangers,and return home with new understandings. Whether you are called to make a pilgrimage or go on an inner journey, these quotes will help set you on the path of questing.
See the gallery

Rhino12 Quotes on Animals
Darren's trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa inspired this month's 12s on animals. Let these quotes and photos guide you to a deeper appreciation for all the beings who share the Earth.
See the gallery

Yearning12 Quotes on Yearning
There is within all of us a great yearning for connection. Allow this gallery of images and quotes to remind you what's really at the heart of our yearning — a connection to God, the Heart of the Universe.
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Enthusiasm12 Quotes on Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm means "one with the energy of God." If you're feeling you need a little extra vim and vigor as we move into the holiday season, let these 12 quotes on enthusiasm help you get back in touch with the energy of the divine within.
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Mystery12 Quotes on Mystery
The world is dreanched in mystery, and one way we explore it in the U.S. is through Halloween. Let these 12 quotes help you discover new ways to relate to mystery. All of the photographs this month are by Lane Spigner, a local NYC artist.
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Hospitality12 Quotes on Hospitality
Hospitality opens the door to strangers whether they be ideas, beliefs, or people, and welcomes them like old friends. Let these quotes help you open yourself to this practice.
See the gallery

Reverence12 Quotes on Reverence
Reverence is the way of radical respect. Allow yourself to be moved beyond words.
See the gallery

Kindness12 Quotes on Kindness
As the summer heats up, tempers can flare so take a few minutes to cool down and be reminded of the virtues of kindness.
See the gallery

Play12 Quotes on Play
Yea, let's play.
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Wonder12 Quotes on Wonder
Wonder begins in the senses, comes alive in the imagination, and flourishes in adoration of the Divine, and there is no end to the things that can awaken it. Here are 12 quotes about wonder.
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Beauty12 Quotes on Beauty
Try the spiritual practice of beauty when you need to be pulled out of your habitual way of seeing and being. This gallery of 12 inspiring quotes is a good place to begin.
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Birthdays12 Celebrations of Birthdays
Spirituality & Practice is five! And so we are thinking about how we celebrate births and rebirths. Here's a gallery to enjoy and share whenever a birthday comes around.
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12 Courage12 Uplifting Quotes on Courage
Looking for some inspiration? Some encouragement in a challenging time? Here are 12 uplifting quotes about courage to help you step out into a fuller way of living.
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12 Spiritual Energy Boosters12 Spiritual Energy Boosters
When you have run out of energy and are feeling draggy and depleted, check out these spiritual practices. They are designed to boost your spirits and renew body, mind, and soul.
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