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Resources for keyword: Harmony

The Everly Brothers' Soothing Harmonies
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
A tribute to the soothing harmonies of the Everly Brothers upon the occasion of Phil's death.

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Total Health
Tom Cowan
Remembering that total health is a product of the spirit and body working together

The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstasy
Solala Towler
An explanation of the passion, balance, mutuality, and harmony inherent in the watercourse way.

Paradise in Plain Sight
Karen Maezen Miller
A Zen master who is a connoisseur of the commonplace on what she has learned from her garden.

An Interview with Karen Maezen Miller

An interview with author Karen Maezen Miller about her new book Paradise in Plain Sight

How to Train Your Dragon 2
Dean BeBlois
An impressive sequel that leaves us cheering for the noble ideal of animals and humans living together in peace and harmony.

Expressive Meditation: Laughter
Pragito Dove
Pragito Dove shares a two part laughter meditation.

Faithful Generations
John R. Mabry
A map of the generations within congregations who have different hopes, needs, and spiritual emphases.

Inner Alchemy Astrology
Mantak Chia, Christine Harkness-Giles
Explanations and insights into Taoist astrology.

George Leonard
Colorful anecdotes and thoughtful philosophy to explain this martial art that enhances composure, harmony, self-sufficiency, and spiritual centeredness.

An excerpt from Polishing the Mirror
Ram Dass
The renown teacher's commentary on the practices and insights of his wisdom teachings from the past 50 years.

An excerpt from Tai Chi - The Perfect Exercise
Arthur Rosenfeld
The nurturing benefits of tai chi for the body, mind, and spirit, making it the perfect martial art for the seeker.

An excerpt from The Path Toward Beauty
Francesca Weinmann
An erudite survey of beauty in art through the ages.

The Path Toward Beauty
Francesca Weinmann
An erudite survey of beauty in art through the ages.

Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path
Takamaro Shigaraki
An explanation of the basics of Shin Buddhism.

An excerpt from The Power of Ritual
Rachel Pollack
Substantive treatment of ritual by a poet and Tarot scholar.

An excerpt from I Wish Tonight
Lois Rock
A mystical tale of yearning for a better, more loving world of joy and mutual sharing.

An excerpt from Life Prayers from Around the World
Elizabeth Roberts, Elias Amidon
A celebration of each stage of life.

An excerpt from The Enlightened Heart
Stephen Mitchell
An anthology of wonderful religious poems.

An Interview with Renee Peterson Trudeau

No summary for this article.

The Lunar Tao
Deng Ming-Dao
Taoist meditations by a sensitive connoisseur of everyday spirituality.


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