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Resources for keyword: Healing

My Neck as a Pleasure Palace
Frederic Brussat
Musing about the neck as a busy body part that teaches us about the enchantments of pleasure.

Ankles and Wobbling
Frederic Brussat
Lessons learned from spraining my ankle.

Me and My Throat
Frederic Brussat
A spiritual exploration of my throat, singing, and my voice.

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Seiki Jutsu
Bradford Keeney, Hillary Keeney
An enthusiastic overview on the history, basic ideas, and daily practices of an energy practice that can transform your life.

Pick Your Yoga Practice
Meagan McCrary
A handy and edifying paperback on the diverse forms of yoga.

An excerpt from The Enlightened Heart
Stephen Mitchell
An anthology of wonderful religious poems.

Resurrecting Jesus
A look at the life and ministry of Jesus that may open new doors for you.

An excerpt from The Book of Forgiving
Desmond Tutu, Mpho Tutu
Wise counsel on four concrete steps we can take to walk the path of forgiveness.

Thanks. I Needed That
Robert Alper
32 stories by a rabbi who is a stand-up comedian with a wise and compassionate comic perspective on life.

Laughing as a Spiritual Practice

S&P's content about laughter, including books, DVDs, quotes, excerpts, and practices to give you many ways to appreciate laughing.

Second Journeys
Bolton Anthony
A substantive resource for anyone looking for guidance, insight, inspiration, and wisdom in later life.

His Wife (Son epouse)
Michel Spinosa
A complex spiritual and psychological drama set in France and India where two married couples struggle with mysteries they cannot comprehend or control.

An excerpt from Peace of Mind
Thich Nhat Hanh
A practice-filled guide to creating peace, clarity, compassion, and courage by harmonizing our bodies and minds.

The Novel Cure
Ella Berthoud, Susan Elderkin
The art of bibliotherapy as practiced by two women from The School of Life in London.

Caravan of Souls
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
Insights into the spiritual life and work of the Sufi sage Hazrat Inayat Khan.

An excerpt from The Subtle Body Practice Manual
Cyndi Dale
A first-rate and comprehensive resource on subtle body healing.

Joy in the Evening of Our Lives
Joan Englander
A creative caregiver shares her healing therapies used with the elderly.

An excerpt from Lighted Windows
Margaret Silf
A fresh approach to Advent.

The Broken Circle Breakdown
Felix van Groeningen
A couple's struggle with grief after their six-year-old daughter is diagnosed with cancer.

An Inclusive Approach to Prayer
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
Prayer books for those on a multifaith and spiritually independent path.

Art as Therapy
Alain de Botton, John Armstrong
A radical reinterpretation of art that makes it more relevant to everyday life and the questions of meaning and purpose.

Living the Reiki Way
Penelope Quest
Explanation of six Reiki principles for everyday living.

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
Peter M. Wayne, Mark L. Fuerst
Excellent overview of the therapeutic value of Tai Chi and its eight active ingredients.


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