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Resources for keyword: Smell

5 Senses Meditation
Darren Polito
Meditations exploring the five main senses as an antidote to the frenzied holiday season.

Da Nose Knows
Frederic Brussat
What I appreciate about my nose, the myriad smells I encounter and why fragrance is so often used in religious traditions.

All blog results

Words Onscreen
Naomi S. Baron
A fascinating summary of the realities and challenges to reading now that more of it is done is done through digital technology.

Wearing God
Lauren F. Winner
A playful and thoughtful excursion into some fresh images of God.

Blessing of the Senses
Daniel McGill
Anointing your body

Use Your Senses
David Kundtz
Making the most of every day

Thalma Lobel
A fascinating report from a new scientific frontier.

Unity Walk
Andrew Harvey
Bring a sense of your connection with the One to all you sense during a walk.

Planet of Snail
Seung-Jun Yi
A deeply moving documentary about love, living with disabilities, savoring the senses, and being present.

Walking in Your Neighborhood
David Kundtz
See what you can notice on a stroll down your street.

Perfect Sense
David Mackenzie
A deeply spiritual love story that challenges us to be fully alive to the report of our senses and to live in the present moment which will never appear again.

Healthy Pleasures
Robert Ornstein, David Sobel
A good case for the pursuit of pleasure as a healthy and meaningful thing to do.

An excerpt from Awaken Your Senses
J. Brent Bill, Beth Booram
A call for Christians to listen to the report of their senses and see the world afresh in wonder and gratitude.

Awaken Your Senses
J. Brent Bill, Beth Booram
A call for Christians to listen to the report of their senses and see the world afresh in wonder and gratitude.

An excerpt from Just One Thing
Rick Hanson
Fifty-two extraordinary spiritual practices that train the brain.

An excerpt from Wrinkles Don't Hurt
Ruth Fishel
Daily meditations, affirmations, and more on the positive aspects of aging.

An excerpt from Nature as Spiritual Practice
Steven Chase
A presentation of nature as a place of wonder, mystery, and transformation which plays a part in the Christian adventure of faith.

An excerpt from Positive Solitude
Rae Andre
Celebrates positive solitude and its many benefits.

An excerpt from Self-Compassion
Kristin Neff
An enlightening and inspirational look at an important spiritual practice.

Red Sings from Treetops
Joyce Sidman
Honors the beauty and variety of the four seasons and the beauty all around us and within us.

I Love Dirt!
Jennifer Ward
52 activities arranged by season to spur a sense of wonder in children about the natural world.

Daily Aromatherapy
Joni Keim, Ruah Bull
Presents the psychological and healing properties of 52 essential oils as keyed to the seasons and in sync a program of daily practices.


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