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Resources for keyword: Time

The Most Punctual Man In India
Frederic Brussat
How Gandhi models both a wise use of time and respect for others.

MicroLearning and Mass Attention Deficit
Frederic Brussat
How and why schools and businesses are adapting to life in the mass attention deficit era.

A Prayer for New Audiences for Visual and Performing Arts
Frederic Brussat
A prayer prompted by the news that attendance is down at art events.

All blog results

An excerpt from The Nourishing Homestead
Ben Hewitt, Penny Hewitt
The case for homesteading as a way to connect to the world big time.

An excerpt from The Internet Is Not the Answer
Andrew Keen
A thought-provoking criticism of the warps and failings of the individuals and institutions behind the Digital Revolution.

An excerpt from A Contemplative Approach to Understanding World Religions
Blake W. Burleson
Thoughtful approaches based on listening to understand other religions.

An excerpt from Guilt, Shame and Anxiety
Peter R. Breggin
A reframing of our understandings of guilt, shame, and anxiety on the path to emotional freedom.

Soul Feathers
Sandi Kimmel
A radiant new album of 12 spiritual songs laced with beauty, love, and wisdom.

What's Worth Knowing
Wendy Lustbader
Elders share their stories, experience and wisdom

Hop, Skip, Jump
Marney K. Makridakis
A creative resource packed with ideas that will take you to places not usually on your map.

An excerpt from Encounters of the Real Kind
Nader R. Shabahangi
Accounts from students of profound experiences learning from elders with forgetfulness.

Christian Spiritual Formation
Diane J. Chandler
Pathways and practices toward wholeness

An excerpt from Counting on Kindness
Wendy Lustbader
A remarkable paperback on elders and the challenges they face when becoming home-bound.

Counting on Kindness
Wendy Lustbader
A remarkable paperback on elders and the challenges they face when becoming home-bound.

Second Wind
Bill Thomas
An enthusiastic vision of the adventures which lie ahead for elders.

Rumi Day by Day
Jelaluddin Rumi, Maryam Mafi
Wisdom that is both mystical and practical from Rumi's six-volume Massnavi.

Force Majeure
Reuben Ostlund
A top-notch Swedish psychodrama about a marriage besieged by the fallout from a scary but harmless avalanche.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part I
Francis Lawrence
A transitional time in the life of a leader-in-the-making played beautifully by Jennifer Lawrence

The Art of Travel
Alain de Botton
Looking at travel from both sides.

Rendez-vous with Art
Phillipe de Montebello , Martin Gayford
Share moments of wonder as they experience great works of art and sculpture around the world.

An excerpt from Hush
Rubin Naiman
Prescriptions for good sleep that integrate ideas from science and spirituality.

An excerpt from How Do You Pray?
Celeste Yacoboni
An inspiring and eclectic anthology which reveals the diversity of ways to pray.

The Organized Mind
Daniel J. Levintin
Tips from a bestselling neuroscientist on organizing our lives.


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