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The Guru Drinks Bourbon? Nineteen meanings of devotion
The Bhagavad Gita: Yoga's Essence Teachings that capture the central teachings of the Gita and the essence of Hinduism’s universal precepts.
Buddhism - Zen The best of the best of our resources on Zen Buddhism.
Buddhism - Tibetan The best of the best of our resources on Tibetan Buddhism.
The Great Work of Your Life An illuminating and wise guide to vocation and one's true self.
The Great Work of Your Life Stephen Cope on how there is a bonfire of inspiration in the lives of ordinary people.
Not for Happiness A primer on ngondra practice and an explanation of its benefits.
Practice to Create Peace in the Heart Story of how a Buddhist community recited the Refuges and the Precepts after 9/11 and instructions for this practice on the anniversary of that event.
Being Dharma Presents the important practices of mindfulness, restraint, equilibrium, and right views.
Awakening to the Sacred A testament to spiritual practice as the common ground linking all religious traditions together.