Henry Grayson is a cutting edge mind/body/spirit psychologist and the founder of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in New York. You can visit his website at www.henrygrayson.com

Scientific research in the fields of physics, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, genetics, and mind-body medicine have made great strides in learning how we heal and the influence of the body on the mind. Grayson explores these connections in this book.

The author poses six questions which sick people should ask themselves about the why of their symptoms:

1. Why might I need this symptom? And why now?
2. What do I hope it will get for me?
3. What will it get me out of doing?
4. What emotion or need is it expressing for me?
5. What is the metaphor being expressed through the symptom?
6. What is the family, tribal or cultural belief involved in the symptom?

He also provides a Self Awareness Questionnaire to determine how you think about your body, its health, and the ideas in your head about illness.

Grayson contends that the body's natural state is health and that a major barrier to healing is ego or the false self. He suggests using muscle testing to reveal negative beliefs, uncleared trauma, toxic emotions, or a negative download of energy. Then Grayson shares practices, mind management changes, and rituals for self-healing. He concludes on a high spiritual note with a celebration of love, forgiveness, and miracles.