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Widen Your Circle of Compassion Tonglen meditation for breathing in pain and breathing out relief.
Hold a Council of All Beings Speak on behalf of all life-forms expressing their concerns.
Just Like Me A practice to experience your unity with others.
Honor Your Ancestors Dedicate your activites to bring the influence of ancestors into your life.
What do you mean by a practice suggestion? FAQ for the Practicing Spirituality E-Courses about the brief practice suggestion included in each lesson.
Films about Artists A collection of features, foreign language films, and documentaries revealing the wide-ranging paths of artists' lives and their work.
One Nation Under God? A collection of books that describing the changing landscape of American religion and the growing segment of the population with no religious affiliation or who describe themselves as spiritual but no…
Spiritual Practices for Shopping 20 ways to make shopping a richer and deeper experience.
Films about Northern Ireland and The Troubles Films about the people and pivotal events in the late twentieth century conflict over the status of Northern Ireland.
AFI Docs Film Festival An annual film festival known for showcasing the best in documentary filmmaking from the United States and around the world.