Carried Away is based on a novel by Jim Harrison (Legends of the Fall).

Joseph (Dennis Hopper) is a middle-aged midwesterner who teaches at a local school and looks after his dying mother (Julie Harris) on a small farm. His sedate and routine six-year relationship with Rosealee (Amy Irving), a fellow teacher and the widow of his best friend, is put in jeopardy when he begins an affair with Catherine (Amy Locane), a 17-year-old transfer student who seduces him.

She enables Joseph to find within himself a new passion and a sense of what he really needs to sustain his soul. When Dr. Evans (Hal Holbrook), a family friend, and Major Wheeler (Gary Busey), Catherine's father, find out about the affair, some surprises occur.

Director Bruno Barreto brings to this drama about personal transformation the same screen magic evident in Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands. Dennis Hopper gives a tour de force performance making Carried Away a story of true enchantment.