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Cat People A most unusual love story.
Open to Desire A compelling case for the essential component of desire in human existence.
Skin Deep Probes the life of a compulsive womanizer.
Love, Sexuality, and the Sacrament of Marriage Shows how love in the Greek Orthodox tradition is rooted and graounded in the relationship between human beings and God.
Macunaima A strange 1969 Brazilian parable about the voracious appetites within us that never seem to be satisfied.
Metroland A deft morality tale about the engines of sexual desire and jealousy.
Tropical Malady A mesmerizing Thai film about the mysteries of human desire and the power of darkness where dreams and memories merge.
Passion of Love A brilliant comedy of manners.
Betty Blue A French film that centers on the difficulties of living with a sexually free spirit.
Zen Sex A good case for the transcendent communion that can take place in the act of making love.