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The Diary of a Teenage Girl A bold and unconventional portrait of a teenager who at 15 finds herself caught up in a surge of sexual experiences and emotions.
Saving Face A light-hearted Asian-American romantic comedy that sparkles.
Tropical Malady A mesmerizing Thai film about the mysteries of human desire and the power of darkness where dreams and memories merge.
Though familiar with the soft flesh Though familiar with the soft flesh
Make love with the whole of yourself Make love with the whole of yourself
Open to Desire A compelling case for the essential component of desire in human existence.
Love, Sexuality, and the Sacrament of Marriage Shows how love in the Greek Orthodox tradition is rooted and graounded in the relationship between human beings and God.
Skin Deep Probes the life of a compulsive womanizer.
In the Mood Rings true in its treatment of how men and women differ in their treatment of love.
Betty Blue A French film that centers on the difficulties of living with a sexually free spirit.