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For Here or To Go? A timely comedy about an Indian software engineer and his friends who are forced to live in immigration limbo.
Janis: Little Girl Blue Documentary on the life and times of the talented but troubled blues singer.
The Bhagavad Gita: Yoga's Essence Teachings that capture the central teachings of the Gita and the essence of Hinduism’s universal precepts.
A Most Violent Year An immersive drama about a businessman who stays calm in the midst of a dreadful series of setbacks.
Whiplash A mesmerizing drama about the toxic fallout from perfectionism and unbridled ambition.
Nightcrawler A gripping drama about a wily hustler who finds success as a freelance photographer of night-time car crashes and violent crimes.
Fields of Blood A plea for us all to take responsibility for wars and violence instead of blaming them on religion.
Birdman Some fresh takes on midlife crises, celebrities in America, and the wild popularity of the social media.
Burt's Buzz A documentary about a Maine recluse who at 76 years of age makes public appearances as the icon of the Burt's Bees brand.
The Double A dank and dour drama contrasting the woes of a sad sack loser to the triumphs of an ambitious and self-confident winner.