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Llewellyn's Little Book of Dreams A handy and accessible pocket-sized guide to dreams.
Flavor A fascinating book that moves our most undervalued sense into the spotlight.
The Sleep Solution Tailor-made resource for those yearning for better sleep as good medicine for the body, mind, and soul.
101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience Mindfulness practices to lift your spirits
Rick Hanson A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of Rick Hanson, psychologist who writes about the value of contemplative practice.
The Nature Fix The interplay between the brain and nature.
The Nature Fix An eclectic and persuasive case, based in science, for the positive effects of nature on the human brain and body.
Heal the Living A very fine French film about death, organ donation, and the importance of illness narratives.
Language at the Speed of Sight A cognitive neuroscientist's hard look at America's reading problems.
Grace Without God Katherine Ozment's discoveries on what awe is and why we feel it.