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Life Purpose Boot Camp An eight-week intensive with ideas, exercises, and practices for bringing more meaning into your days and doings
Life Purpose Boot Camp Eric Maisel's axioms about seeking our life purpose.
The Van Gogh Blues Eric Maisel on taking self-nurturing steps to feel successful.
Everyday You Eric Maisel on mystery as the heart of mindfulness.
Mastering Creative Anxiety Eric Maisel on using rituals to ward off creative anxieties.
Rethinking Depression A strong case that meaning-making is what matters in life.
Rethinking Depression Eric Maisel on maintaining a morning meaning practice.
Mastering Creative Anxiety Anxiety-reduction tools for artists of all types.
Brainstorm Eric Maisel saluting the mystery, adventure, and creativity of following a brainstorm.
Brainstorm An exploration of the creativity involved and challenges and myseries of following productive obsessions.