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Lead Yourself First An affirmation of solitude as a spur to creativity and moral growth.
Talking Pictures A pleasing tribute to the art and variety of movies.
The Road to Character A good case for character development and a respect for enduring values and virtues.
The Road to Character A description of people who embody moral qualities and strong inner character.
The Last Word One of the few comedies about the challenges of creating a legacy at the end of life.
Soulful Aging An e-course on aging as the positive lifelong process of becoming a person.
Wise Aging A list of character qualities that promote wise aging and change.
150 Milligrams A riveting French social justice drama about a courageous female whistleblower who discovered the health hazards of a diet drug.
The Eagle Huntress A breathtaking experience of the good medicine of a golden eagle in alliance with a 13-year old Mongolian girl.
The Danish Way of Parenting A snappy, sane, and salutary tribute to parenting with style and vigor and positivity.