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The Last Word One of the few comedies about the challenges of creating a legacy at the end of life.
Soulful Aging June 5 - 30, 2017: An e-course on aging as the positive lifelong process of becoming a person.
Wise Aging A list of character qualities that promote wise aging and change.
150 Milligrams A riveting French social justice drama about a courageous female whistleblower who discovered the health hazards of a diet drug.
The Eagle Huntress A breathtaking experience of the good medicine of a golden eagle in alliance with a 13-year old Mongolian girl.
The Danish Way of Parenting A snappy, sane, and salutary tribute to parenting with style and vigor and positivity.
Raising Human Beings Practical advice for parents on how to work with their children rather than try to control them.
The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions A substantive Jewish spiritual curriculum on 13 soul traits.
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Powerful drama which charts the greed, racial hatred, violence, deception, and injustice heaped upon Native Americans.
Films about Whistleblowers A collection of films that reinvigorate our moral courage.