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Paul Brunton in Meditations for People in Crisis Music can express the mystical experience
Realizing Soul A sampler of selections by Paul Brunton on A Truth That Must Be Proclaimed.
Realizing Soul A sampler of the wisdom of a pioneer of interspirituality.
The Gift of Grace Paul Brunton on grace as a manifestation of God's friendliness.
The Gift of Grace An inspirational collection of quotations on grace by an interspirituality pioneer.
The Secret Path A passport to the rewards of interiority.
A Search in Secret Egypt Paul Brunton on the naturalness of displays of devotion in the middle of business in Egypt.
A Search in Secret Egypt Models for us the inner work which is the true adventure of spiritual travel to faraway and exotic places.
Meditations for People in Crisis Demonstrates the art of discerning spiritual meaning in everything.
What Is Karma? Interprets the ample differences between Eastern and Western spirituality.
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