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Claiming Your Disappointment A way to express your disappointment and say yes to it
The Farthest Top-drawer documentary on the astonishing mission of the Voyager spacecrafts past the outer planets of our solar system and beyond.
Mindful Reading of Poetry Approaching a poem not by analysis but through the senses and feelings.
Today I Feel . . . A wonderfully illustrated children's book that helps build a vocabulary of feelings.
Birthday of Albert Einstein Celebrate the Birthday of Albert Einstein with a practice of X-The Mystery and a perusal of his wisdom quotes.
Animal Frequency Ways to connect with the meaning and energy of a cat.
Letters to a Young Muslim An inspiring and spirited series of letters in which a father passes on his vision and hopes for Muslims.
Awakening from the Daydream The value of being gentle and kind toward ourselves in meditation practice.
Wisdom Notes Arthur Dewey's letter to the next generations.
Stay Curious A message about decoding the Divine in everyday interactions.