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Aspire An unusual and appealing uncovering of the hidden and often very revealing meanings of words.
Pinchas of Koretz in The Way Into Jewish Mystical Tradition A single gesture that he performs only for the Holy One
Holy Play Challenges us to reimagine God, purpose and vocation as a joyful and playful adventure.
David Spangler A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of David Spangler, internationally known writer and teacher who was once a co-director of the Findhorn Foundation community.
Kurt Vonnegut in Working on God We are here on Earth to fart around
Sri Ramakrishna in The Four Yogas The aim of human birth is to love God
Gary Snyder in Seasons of Grace Real play is in the act of going totally off the trail
Dale Turner in Different Seasons On Toscanini's eightieth birthday, someone asked
Cynthia Bourgeault in Mystical Hope Hope makes use of us
Pinchas of Koretz quoted in The Way into Jewish Mystical Tradition Just for the sake of uttering one word