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Morning B.R.E.W. Kirk Byron Jones on a devotional morning exercise for being present.
Holy Play Kirk Byron Jones on envisioning God in new and imaginative ways.
Addicted to Hurry Kirk Byron Jones on the practice of savoring the present moment as an alternative to the idol of speed.
Morning B.R.E.W. A soul-stirring devotional resource to jump-start your day.
Holy Play Challenges us to reimagine God, purpose and vocation as a joyful and playful adventure.
Addicted to Hurry Presents practices for slowing down and savoring life's precious present moments.
Kirk Byron Jones in Morning B.R.E.W. Ten ways to welcome the day
Kirk Byron Jones in Morning B.R.E.W. Why shouldn't you look forward
Kirk Byron Jones in Addicted to Hurry Silence helps us experience God in new ways
Kirk Byron Jones in Morning B.R.E.W. Coming home to the wellspring of sacred silence will mean crossing over significant obstructions.