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The Power of the New Spirituality William Bloom on trying out different gateways to spirituality.
The I Ching in The Soul's Religion Youthful folly has success
Bayazid Bistami in Essential Sufism For thirty years I sought God
John Shelby Spong A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of John Shelby Spong, retired bishop, lecturer, and Progressive Christian writer on social issues.
Elizabeth Lesser A profile with bibliographic and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Elizabeth Lesser, writer, retreat leader, and co-founder and senior adviser of Omega Institute.
Remembering Heraclitus Hurrahs this Greek thinker as a forerunner and pioneer of spiritual seeking.
Jean-Pierre de Caussade in Abandonment to Divine Providence Making use of whatever God offers you
Abba Sisoes in Desert Wisdom Seek God, not where God lives
Diane Ackerman in Deep Play Thrill seeking is a form of deep play
Swami Vivekananda in Monastic Journey to India The seeker's silence is the loudest form of prayer