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The Witness An effective and thought-provoking documentary about the mysteries surrounding the killing of Kitty Genovese.
The Meddler The story of a widow's self-transformation through generosity, kindness, and letting go.
The Wait (L'attesa) A dark and intense probe of deep loss and the often surprising ways in which individuals choose to mourn.
Boy and the World A colorful and out-of-the-box animated feature from Brazil that charts the quest of a boy to find his father.
Wayne Muller in Sabbath Bless strangers quietly, secretly
Trappist Michael Downey on the hospitality required of monks.
American Experience: The Pilgrims Engrossing documentary about the challenges faced by this Christian sect as they struggled to survive in the New World.
Human An astonishing three-hour film with many voices expressing the best and the worst of humanity.
The Odd Woman and the City An incident that showed the author how people on city streets are great company.
5 Flights Up A demonstration by a long-married couple of what it means to truly be in sync with each other.