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The Asking A poem about our lives as origami shapes.
The Asking A thick collection from a poet of wonder and compassion.
Ledger A soulful poet's observations on the human condition and the world situation.
Ledger A poem by Zen student Jane Hirshfield
Women in Praise of the Sacred A poem by Hadewijch of Antwerp translated by Oliver Davies about love.
Nine Gates Reveals how poets make use of memory, shadow, and indirection in their crafting of something rare and precious.
Women in Praise of the Sacred A poem by Ly Ngoc Keiu on wonder.
Women in Praise of the Sacred Makeda, Queen of Sheba's poem on wisdom.
Given Sugar, Given Salt Celebrates the plenitude of being as she ponders the mysteries of transitoriness, our repetitive behavior, unexpected openings in our lives, and the wonderful world of things.
Mirabai A version of one of the ecstatic poems of the fifteenth century poet and saint Mirabai.