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The Way of the Spiritually Independent with Rabbi Rami

Led by Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Mary Ann Brussat

The Way of the Spiritually Independent - Photo (c)by Titus Bartos
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"No faith has a monopoly on wisdom, and limiting myself to the teachings and practices of one tradition robs me of the insight and genius of the others."

If you agree with this statement you may be among the growing number of Spiritually Independent people transforming spirituality around the world. These seekers without borders are drawn to wisdom wherever it may be found — in religion, science, literature, art, music — and their loyalty is to truth and the compassion and justice that arise when we live truthfully.

If you identify with this growing group, then this 12-part online retreat is for you. Rabbi Rami Shapiro has designed it for those of any faith and no particular faith. Rather than focus on tenets of belief or philosophical premises, it considers five timeless existential questions:

• Who am I?
• Where did I come from?
• Where am I going?
• How shall I live?
• Why?

"The Way of the Spiritually Independent" blends the teachings of the great saints and sages of the world’s religions with the techniques people have used for millennia to embody them. You will receive 12 emails, each with an essay by Rami incorporating stories, illustrations, and religious texts about one of the questions. This is followed by a way to work with the teaching so that you can see its relevance to your own understandings and daily activities.

Rami Shapiro is a rabbi, a teacher of interspirituality, and a translator and commentator on ancient religious texts. He is profiled as one of S&P's Living Spiritual Teachers and has led two other e-courses, Beyond Recovery: The Twelve Steps as Spiritual Practice with Rabbi Rami and The Wisdom of the Rebbes with Rabbi Rami. This e-course consists of:

• 12 emails
• recordings of two one-hour teleconferences with Rabbi Rami held in September 2013 when this program was first offered.

The goal of the e-course is to share the way — the practices — of the spiritually independent so that you can fashion your own practice. Join us and other seekers without borders!

A Field Guide for the Spiritually IndependentBonus gift when you subscribe: a very special 24-page e-book: "A Field Guide for the Spiritually Independent." It's packed with practices and recommendations for those on a spiritually independent path (and those who love them): 12 everyday practices, 20 mantras, 12 recommended films, 12 recommended books, and 22 recommended e-courses. Sign up for "The Way of the Spiritually Independent with Rabbi Rami" today, and you'll receive instructions for downloading your bonus in your receipt. Begin by clicking on "Subscribe to E-Course" at the bottom of this page.

This Online Retreat is available on-demand. Once you click on the "subscribe" button, you will be taken through a sign-up process during which you can choose to pay the $39.95 fee by credit card or check. You'll be emailed a receipt with a link to your "account page" where you can choose when you'd like the e-course to begin and how frequently (daily, three times a week, twice a week, or weekly) you would like to receive it; the recommended schedule is three times a week. 4 CEHs for Chaplains available.

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