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Interactive Faith Abby Stamelman Hocky, Susan Teegan-Case, and Carol Harris-Shapiro on a hospitality exercise through the arts.
Deepak Chopra in True Work The highest expression of love is creativity
Barfly An audacious movie about skid-row existentialism.
Charles Schultz in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Life is a ten speed bike
Echo Park Presents vignettes of yearning individuals in Hollywood who dream of making it in show biz.
The Best of NPR Imaginative takes on creativity as an aspect of personality and playfulness.
Broadway Danny Rose A paean to the loveable losers in show biz who give it all they've got but still cup up short.
The Knitting Sutra Proof positive that our hobbies can be catalysts of our personal transformation.
The King Is Alive A compelling drama of survival about a group of bus passengers stranded in the desert who decide to stage Shakespeare's King Lear and discover the play's cathartic effects.
Parker J. Palmer in The Courage to Teach Good teachers possess capacity for connectedness