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Rami Shapiro in Open Secrets I don't know what is truth
Contemplative Comprehension The practice of Tevunah for a state of spacious awareness.
Rami Shapiro in The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness How do we practice letting go
Breathe Shalom A practice for when horror takes our breath away, breathing "shalom" for those who can't, those who won't, and those too afraid to even try.
Living in the World-to-Come Practicing Shabbat.
Shema: Listen A breath practice utilizing the traditional Jewish prayer, the Shema.
Rami Shapiro in Hasidic Tales Hospitality is a reflection of your spirituality
Rami Shapiro in Minyan Hospitality is essential to spiritual practice
Rami Shapiro in Minyan Everything happens in order to teach you something
Rami Shapiro in Minyan You are a unique and unreproducible expression