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Just Passing Through Salty and wise observations of the Resident Crone at St. Columba's Church in Washington, D.C.
The Second Half of Life Angeles Arrien on the second half of life as a spiritual adventure for wise elders.
From Age-ing to Sage-ing An edifying portrait of the spiritual dimensions of the last stage of life.
How to Re-Imagine the World Anthony Weston on older people as creative visionaries of the future.
The Summer of a Dormouse An engaging third installment of his autobiography.
It's Better to Be Over the Hill Than Under It Good advice and wise counsel on this stage of life.
Simple Grace A sturdy little book about growing older with chapters on learning, remembering, simplifying, maturing, exploring, and understanding.
Drive Daniel H. Pink reporting on how 100 boomers in America turn 60 every 13 minutes and begin a serious quest for meaning and what they truly want.
Being in the Zone with Chungliang Al Huang A Tai Ji master discusses Taoist persepctives on time, balance and conscious aging.
The Sage's Tao Te Ching William Martin on the joy that comes with getting older.