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A Journey of Discernment Sept. 4 - 29, 2017: An e-course to learn to contemplatively discern the small and large decisions in life.
Quotations on Wisdom A multifaith exploration of the many dimensions of becoming wise.
God Moments An Ignatian perspective on tools to cultivate reverence in everyday life.
God Moments God's presence in ordinary life.
Birthday of Martin Buber In honor of the Jewish philosopher, a reverence practice for your encounters with people, places, or things.
Christian Mystics Good advice on how to read the mystics, including allowing yourself to have favorites.
Prayers of a Roadside Contemplative A poem about the search for inner peace.
Last Days in the Desert An immersive spiritual drama in which God speaks to Yeshua/Jesus through the world, his experiences, a family, and a Demon.
Compass Points A reflection on whether God is more like a GPS device or a compass.
12-Step Spirituality Curated content of our resources on 12-Step Spirituality.