"There are limits to the explanatory power of science, however. Those limits became plain to me a few years back when the Hubble Space Telescope malfunctioned on launch, requiring emergency repairs from the crew aboard the Space Shuttle. The moment of insight came when I heard the astronauts were relying on alligator clips, wire, and duct tape to repair the situation. It occurred to me that there are basically two kinds of problems we face as human beings: those that can be solved with duct tape and those that can't. And while I would never dream of disparaging the utility of the sticky gray roll that hangs in my broom closet, neither would I expect it to help me be a better parent, give comfort to the bereaved, or offer peace of mind in times of inward perplexity. Tape can't repair a broken heart, and no wire clippers are sharp enough to cut through a moral dilemma. Such challenges can never be met through science; they require the cultivation of love, serenity, discernment and wisdom, which are all the province of religion."