This practice looks at how you have changed through this process of spiritual discernment and imagines who you may grow into becoming. Imagining can strengthen you for living into this dream for tomorrow.

1. Sitting comfortably in a quiet place, simply notice your steady breathing for a while. Your breaths may deepen and lengthen as you sit quietly and relax.

2. Recognize that the process of spiritual decision making has changed you and is continuing to change you. Be aware of who you are now and how the fruits of this process have changed you.

3. Imagine yourself continuing to grow in the days and months to come. Picture the person you would like to be and take the time to see yourself growing into being that person. See yourself being in large and small ways the kind of person you and God dream of you being.

4. As you continue to relax, return to the day immediately before you and picture yourself entering it. Invite God to be with you this day and in all future days.

Nancy L. Bieber in Decision Making and Spiritual Discernment: The Sacred Art of Finding Your Way