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This Is Not a Border A report on what Palestinians face every day by Omar Robert Hamilton.
Wolf Nation A fascinating description of the purposes of wolf howls and what happens when humans join in.
Dunkirk An immersive movie that takes viewers inside the experience of war on sea, on the land, and in the air.
The Promise A well-acted drama about the Armenian genocide and three salutary individuals caught in a love triangle.
Last Men in Aleppo An unflinching, grippingly realistic, and heart-rending documentary about the senseless carnage of war.
Nowhere to Hide A laser-sharp documentary on the impact on civilians of five years of war and destruction in Iraq.
Dheepan A riveting film about three Sri Lankan refugees and their quest for a place to call home.
The Red Turtle A magical and mystical animated film about an island, a castaway, a shapeshifting being, and dreams.
The Stranger in the Woods A compelling, creative, and thoughtful portrait of a modern day hermit.
Salt and Fire A visionary director's creative and challenging look at an ecological disaster.