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Carl McColman in 366 Celt "Devotion" literally means "of the expression of a vow."
Celtic Blessings A Celtic blessing for boys entering manhood.
Make Me a Blessing A prayer for being of service in the world.
Lord of Creation A collection of prayers, worship services, and spiritual practices from Celtic Christianity.
Peace, Lord, Peace Praying for peace for all who need it.
366 Celt Carl McColman on devotional spirituality involving making a deep commitment to honor or worship or venerate the object of faith.
Silence Us, That We May Hear Learning to listen amidst the chaos.
The Mist-Filled Path A lyrical meditation on earth-cherishing practices and the peace of place.
Invitations Prayer to increase hospitality.
Celtic Christian Spirituality Celtic Christian John Philip Newell on the beauty of God within us.