Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Nan C. Merrill in Psalms for Praying Nan C. Merrill's poetic rendition of Psalm 41.
Richard Chilson in Meditation Richard W. Chilson's teaching story about the Sufi practice of devotion.
Lin Jensen in Pavement Lin Jensen on being a peace activist and resisting the temptation to be a person of right and wrong.
Kent Nerburn in The Wolf at Twilight A Native American elder's on how the Creator sends different teachers and abilities to different peoples.
Jose Hobday in Simple Living Jose Hobday on nurturing spirit by fasting.
David Deida in Instant Enlightenment David Deida on freely offering praise to people.
Cynthia Bourgeault in Love Is Stronger than Death Cynthia Bourgeault on being in service of love.
Elias Amidon, Elizabeth Roberts in Life Prayers from Around the World Arthur Waskow's poem-prayer for solidarity and justice.
Mie-Ling Hopgood in How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm Mie-Ling Hopgood on parenting adventures around the world that prove parents are creative and their children are resilient.
Karen L. Fingerman, Melinda Blau in Consequential Strangers Melinda Blau and Karen L. Fingerman on how digital technology has forever changed how we do relationships.
Carol Bergman in Another Day in Paradise Theresa Baldini on the power of the spiritual practice of love in a small village in Sudan during a bombing (book edited by Carol Bergman)
Nicholas E. Brink in Trance Journeys of the Hunter-Gatherers Nicholas E. Brink on seeing the world as filled with spirits.
Megory Anderson in Sacred Dying The spiritual practice of keeping silence in the presence of the dying.
Andrew Harvey, Eryk Hanut in Mary's Vineyard Andrew Harvey with ways to demonstrate love and devotion for Mary.
Dominic Grassi in Bumping Into God Again Dominic Grassi on fishing as prayer.
Jean Maalouf in The Healing Power of Kindness Jean Maalouf on the benefits of practicing kindness in everyday living.
Pamela A. Gerloff, Robert W. Fuller in Dignity for All Robert W. Fuller and Pamela A. Gerloff on practical ways to begin building a dignitarian world.
Wayne Teasdale in A Monk in the World Wayne Teasdale on tough grace as the Divine's way of reaching souls.
Hung Ying-ming, William Scott Wilson in Master of the Three Ways Hung Ying-ming on when your mind becomes a bit slovenly.
Marney K. Makridakis in Creating Time Marney Makridakis on using imagination and time to help us reach fulfillment.
Carl Seaburg in Great Occasions Carl Seaburg's words of kindness to a grieving person.
Judith Orloff in Emotional Freedom A quiz to assess the level and characteristics of your anger.
Gordon Livingston in And Never Stop Dancing Gordon Livingston on the Columbine massacre and forgiveness.
Kent Nerburn in Voices in the Stones An account of the reburial of the bones of two Native girls and what it teaches us about the Native understanding of the dead.
Henri J. M. Nouwen in With Open Hands Henri J. M. Nouwen on openness in prayer.