Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Marsha Sinetar in Sometimes, Enough Is Enough Marsha Sinetar on contemplative alertness to what has meaning for you.
Stephen Buchmann in The Reason for Flowers How to honor and strengthen the reciprocal relationship between humans and flowers.
Jan Richardson in Circle of Grace A blessing for Advent by Jan Richardson.
Macrina Wiederkehr in A Tree Full of Angels Macrina Wiederkehr on how to learn to look with loving acceptance rather than having expectations.
Amy Saltzman in A Still Quiet Place Amy Saltzman on the value of attending to the Still Quiet Place between breaths.
Eryk Hanut, Michele Wetherbee in The Card and Rumi Book Pack Eryk Hanut and Michelle Wetherbee on how, according to Rumi, answers to the most difficult questions do not come from this world.
Tom Nissley in A Reader's Book of Days Tom Nissley on putting together a calendar of literary stories and observances.
Roger Housden in Risking Everything Czeslaw Milosz's poem on being present.
Jonathan Harris, Sep Kamvar in We Feel Fine Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris's handy delineation of the predominant emotions at each stage of life.
Geshe Michael Roach in The Diamond Cutter Michael Roach on training the mind to be kind.
Lawrence Kushner in I'm God; You're Not Lawrence Kushner on the glorious, horrible mess we call creation as a continuous manifestation of the Divine.
Deng Ming-Dao in Scholar Warrior Deng Ming-Dao on Tao, the dark mystery.
Patrick Bernard in Music as Yoga Plea for soothing and serene music as a healing balm
Editors at SkyLight Paths in The Forgiveness Handbook An exercise to practice reverence toward yourself as you develop your capacity for hospitality to enemies.
Linda Martella-Whitsett in Divine Audacity A Unity minister's understanding of zeal as single-minded devotion to one's purpose.
Gunilla Norris in Sharing Silence Gunilla Norris on how we make a place for silence we make room for ourselves.
Lawrence Kushner in Eyes Remade for Wonder A practice for accepting strange thoughts that come up during prayer time.
Thich Nhat Hanh in Taming the Tiger Within Thich Nhat Hanh on finding true happiness by living in the present.
Phillip Lopate in Against Joie de Vivre Phillip Lopate on modern friendships.
Mary Oliver in What Do We Know Mary Oliver's poem on gratitude on waking in the morning.
Rosemary Catalano Mitchell, Gail Anderson Ricciuti in Birthings & Blessings A service based on Christ's blessings in Matthew 5.
Marcy Heidish in Who Cares? Marcy Heidish's story about the best gift being allowing somebody else to give.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Thomas A. Forsthoefel in The Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama on the difference between genuine compassion and compassion mixed with attachment.
Karen Speerstra in The Green Devotional Karen Speerstra's selection of thought-provoking quotations on the spiritual practice of hope.
Jon Sobrino in Where Is God? On the plight of poor women who bear the brunt of suffering and pain in the world and stand as the focal point of life.
Leigh Fortson in Embrace, Release, Heal Leigh Ferguson on ways to awaken your inner healer.
Rami Shapiro in Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent Commentaries by Rami Shapiro on two sacred texts about silence.
Marc E. Agronin in How We Age Marc Agronin on wisdom as an essential and integral part of the aging process.