Recent Spiritual Readings of the Day

Phil Cousineau in Word Catcher Phil Cousineau on the word beauty which contains intimations of the body, art, spirituality, and harmony.
Melanie Challenger in On Extinction Melanie Challenger on the Inuit's yearning to return to a close association with the land.
Aaron Pepis, Michael Keane in What You Will See Inside a Catholic Church Michael Keane's comments on "the oils of gladness" used to celebrate devotional sacraments in the Catholic Church.
Robert A. Johnson in Owning Your Own Shadow A look at what happens when we don't take responsibility for our shadow side.
Gunilla Norris in Journeying in Place Gunilla Norris on the heavy peony blossom's need for nurturing in order to open.
John Shea in Gospel Light John Shea on attention in our everyday experiences where the sacred often resides.
Albert Schweitzer, James Brabazon in Albert Schweitzer A universal ethic of reverence put forward by a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Ursula King in Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions Teilhard de Chardin on how spirituality can help us grow and make the world advance.
Brett Johnson, Brian Klocke, Ellis Jones, Ross Haenfler in The Better World Handbook The editors of The Better World Handbook on making a difference and making the world a better place.
Bruce Tift in Already Free Bruce Tift on experiencing freedom by placing our experience in a larger environment of awareness.
John Selby in Jesus for the Rest of Us John Selby on how the spiritual practice of love differs from fear and judging.
Andrew Harvey in Son of Man Andrew Harvey on Jesus' crucifixion and how it reveals the importance of both justice and mercy in Jesus' ministry.
Rushworth M. Kidder in How Good People Make Tough Choices Rushworth Kidder on a new morality of mindfulness which enables us to think clearly about thorny ethical issues facing us and the country.
Claude Whitmyer, editor in In the Company of Others Ram Dass and Paul Gorman on believing in our own purity and beauty as we experience unity.
Renee Beck, Sydney Barbara Metrick in The Art of Ritual Renee Beck and Sydney Barbara Metrick with a ritual for ending a relationship.
Eitan Fishbane in The Sabbath Soul Eitan Fishbane on the meaning of true peace.
Piero Ferrucci in Your Inner Will Ideas about and exercises for changing your perspective on difficulties.
Thomas Keating in Reawakenings Thomas Keating's story of faith about Jesus asleep in the boat during a storm.
Thomas Byrom in The Dhammapada A rendering of the Buddha's words about the spiritual practice of peace.
Thomas Keating in The Better Part Thomas Keating on reducing negativity through the devotion of contemplative prayer.
Sabine Lichtenfels in Grace Sabine Lichtenfels on the need to recognize the enemy within ourselves and stop projecting our views on other governments.
Daniel Gottlieb in Learning From the Heart Daniel Gottlieb's advice for caregivers.
Bolton Anthony in Second Journeys Bolton Anthony on how good things happen when we operate from a deeper place than ego.
Mary Margaret Funk in Thoughts Matter Mary Margaret Funk on Cassian's advice to count on God's grace.
Marie de Hennezel in Intimate Death Marie de Hennezel on keeping company with those on the way to death
Wayne Teasdale in The Mystic Heart Wayne Teasdale on spiritual practice as the key to personal transformation.
Nancy Copeland-Payton in The Losses of Our Lives Nancy Copeland-Payton on how the persistent experiences of losses in our lives teach us to let go and keep our hands unclenched.
Cheri Huber in When You're Falling, Dive! Cheri Huber with four points to remember on the spiritual practice of unity.