DVD/Streaming Reviews

Dog Heart-warming story about how a difficult dog and a damaged war veteran transform each other. Transformation
Julia A tribute to Julia Child's enthusiasm and her inimitable love of cooking. Enthusiasm
The Conductor A portrait of a truly inspiring woman who has changed the classical music scene and empowered other women musicians. Connections
Kimi A timely, tense, and ethically rich high-tech thriller. Listening
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom A transformative film set in Bhutan about finding happiness and cultivating a good heart. Transformation
Not Going Quietly A portrait of a young man dying of ALS who inspires others to be heroes and urge public officials to secure health care for all Zeal
A Hero A powerful parable about ethics packed with moral complexity. Shadow
All Creatures Great and Small - Season 2 An emotionally rich character drama about a veterinary clinic in rural England. Love
Around the World in 80 Days A new adaptation of the classic adventure story focusing on challenges, friendships, courage, and love. Questing
Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not… A thrilling mashup of concert film and social justice documentary. Beauty
Encanto An exuberant celebration of community and the myriad ways we can co-create home. You
There Is No Evil A quartet of moral parables about the death penalty and personal liberty. Justice
Hive Story of a Kosovan woman who changes her patriarchal community through care, creativity, and the empowerment of other women. Kindness
Lamb A well-acted fable about the demands and consequences of interacting with animals. Nurturing
The Card Counter A character study of a gambler seeking redemption for his past actions as part of the American war machine. Shadow
Herself An inspiring story filled with moments of grace about a mother determined to build a safe home for her children. Hope
The Lost Daughter A sobering drama about how motherhood can sometimes bring out our shadow sides. Shadow
Being the Ricardos Behind-the-scenes of the popular sit-com with its accomplished and controlling stars. Love
Nightmare Alley An eerie movie about carny life and a huckster that invites us into the spiritual practice of shadow. Shadow
The Hand of God A coming-of-age story about all the people and circumstances contributing to that magical moment when a future path becomes clear. Attention
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