DVD/Streaming Reviews

Hillbilly Elegy Film version of the memoir of a true believer in the traditional values of the American Dream. Love
Hearts and Bones A rich and immersive drama about two men dealing with the baggage of their pasts as they try to keep their friendship and marriages together. Love
Fire Will Come (O Que Arde) A mesmerizing film set in Spain in which trees play a major role. X-The Mystery
The Good Lord Bird A rousing, ribald, and immensely engaging miniseries on the crusade of abolitionist John Brown to free America's slaves. Justice
I Am Greta An enlightening documentary about a passionate young prophet for eco-justice. Transformation
Alone with Her Dreams (Picciridda - Con i piedi nell… A well-wrought and memorable coming-of-age drama. You
Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You A rousing and rockin' documentary in which Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band record a new album and the Boss offers spiritual commentary on the songs. Faith
All In: The Fight for Democracy Informative documentary on the history of voting rights and the threats to it in our time. Justice
What the Constitution Means to Me Live Broadway cast production of a play about how the personal becomes political. Justice
Coming Home Again Moving family drama about a young man who discovers the healing power of caregiving. Love
The Trial of the Chicago 7 Courtroom drama about the demonization of dissent which continues to this day. Justice
Radium Girls True story of women who fought back when they learned they had been exposed to toxins on the job. Justice
The Mole Agent Docu-drama about a kind man skilled in listening who goes undercover in a nursing home. Kindness
Once Upon a River Coming-of-age story about a Native American woman who benefits from the kindness of strangers. Kindness
Yellow Rose Story of a Filipina teen who is nurtured by strangers demonstrating the spiritual practices of enthusiasm and kindness. Kindness
Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something A portrait of the singer/songwriter whose story songs and humanitarian activism prove to be equally inspiring. Compassion
Totally Under Control An ethically charged documentary about the U.S. government's response to COVID-19. Shadow
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life A fascinating overview of the life and work of a Renaissance Man. Questing
The Nest A morality play about the impact of greed on a marriage. Shadow
Softie Involving documentary about the challenges facing a fearless young activist and his family in Kenya. Justice
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