DVD/Streaming Reviews

Kangaroo Valley A fascinating documentary that probably will answer all the questions you have about kangaroos. Reverence
Call Jane An intimate account of a historical reproductive justice revolution. Justice
Hit the Road A delightful and deep exploration of Iranian politics through an intimate family lens. Love
She Said A quietly compassionate retelling of an early #MeToo movement moment. Justice
The Same Storm A look at what is revealed about New York City residents during the pandemic lockdown. Connections
Lady Chatterley's Lover Adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s controversial novel placing the emphasis on love leading to a new life. Love
The Good House Portrait of an accomplished real estate agent suffering from alcoholism and the disease of playing God. You
The Swimmers True story of two sisters who flee war-torn Syria and as refugees use their swimming skills to help and inspire others. Play
Mr. Harrigan's Phone A supernatural drama based on a Stephen King story that raises questions about cell phones. You
All Quiet on the Western Front Gripping and graphic portrait of the war that changed the nature of combat. Peace
Tar An invitation to ponder the spiritual complexities of power through the lens of the particular world of music, featuring a brilliant performance by Cate Blanchett. You
Argentina, 1985 Shocking and highly ethical presentation of genocide, justice, and empathy. Justice
Tantura Documentary about the conflicting accounts of the genocide in a Palestinian village by Israeli troops, revealing the power of denial. Shadow
Thirteen Lives Drama based on the true story of the courage, persistence, and ingenuity of an international community rescuing 12 soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand. Hope
Causeway Story of two wounded people who harvest a friendship out of pain and trauma. Love
Catherine Called Birdy A raucous and ribald medieval comedy that will cheer independent adolescent girls. You
All That Breathes A stunning documentary about compassionate caregivers to the kites in New Delhi. Reverence
The Wonder A mystery set in 1862 Ireland in which reason is pitted against faith as a nurse tries to figure out a so-called miracle. X-The Mystery
Till Inspiring and touching story of a Black mother whose bearing witness catalyzed the civil rights movement. Justice
Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song The origin story of the spiritual song that has swept the world as a modern prayer. X-The Mystery
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