DVD/Streaming Reviews

The Neutral Ground An account of what the arguments around the removal of Confederate statues in the South reveal about racism in the U.S. today. Shadow
Daughter of a Lost Bird A healing documentary about a woman, adopted by a white family as a child, who connects with her Native birth mother. Love
Storm Lake A rousing salute to local newspapers as the glue holding communities together. Vision
Searchers Interesting exploration of how apps help some New Yorkers find someone to date. Love
White Coat Rebels Portraits of activists trying to change the medical system's reliance on Big Pharma. Transformation
Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer Powerful documentary on the history of race massacres in the U.S. and how what led to them endures to this day. Justice
Mission: Joy - Finding Happiness in Troubled Times Two spiritual masters of the practice of joy in conversation about its relevance to our times. Joy
In the Heights A vibrant musical about seeking your dreams, finding your home, and living with zeal. Zeal
About Endlessness A tutorial on the spiritual practice of attention. Attention
The Water Man A powerful fable for all ages about a spiritual quest for hope in the face of difficult changes and life's mysteries. Hope
The Man Who Sold His Skin A uniquely charming and urgent parable about belonging. Hope
Mank A look at the influence of power and money in 1930s Hollywood through the eyes of a talented but blocked and addicted writer. Imagination
Collective (Colectiv) A harrowing account of deadly government corruption. Justice
The United States vs. Billie Holiday A passionate depiction of a resilient artist and her creative act of protest. Justice
Judas and the Black Messiah A hard-hitting, real life tale of betrayal and racial injustice. Justice
Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache Lessons in paying attention for a young Tibetan convinced he's dying unless he can find the sacred feminine in the world around him. Attention
Land A soulful and empowering portrait of grief. Kindness
Little Fish A love story set during a pandemic that reminds us of the importance of memories. Love
Hemingway A fascinating documentary on the life of the writer, revealing character qualities we connect to spiritual practices. X-The Mystery
The Social Dilemma Explanations and predictions from some of the creators of social media about the consequences of our growing dependence upon digital communications. Attention
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