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Oliver Sacks: His Own Life A fascinating overview of the life and work of a Renaissance Man. Questing
The Nest A morality play about the impact of greed on a marriage. Shadow
Softie Involving documentary about the challenges facing a fearless young activist and his family in Kenya. Justice
MLK/FBI A documentary contrasting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and J. Edgar Hoover who were regarded by different constituencies as guardians of the American dream. Shadow
Blackbird Family drama about facing death and the revelations that come with it. Love
The Calming A beguiling and meditative movie about antidotes to chaos. Being Present
H is for Happiness A totally entertaining movie about a young teen who models resilience, kindness, and a vibrantly happy outlook. Joy
The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom Profile of an eccentric and prolific techno-age philosopher. Meaning
The Artist's Wife Portrait of the midlife crisis of a loving and creative wife. Love
Buoyancy A harsh tale of contemporary slavery and human resiliency. Justice
The Burnt Orange Heresy A character-driven drama about the art world and the glamorous and deceptive people who inhabit it. You
Critical Thinking Inspiring true story that proves that the game of chess can be a path to self-esteem and mastery for youth of any background. You
I'm Thinking of Ending Things A psychologically complex and macabre exploration of identity, family, memory, and much more. You
Robin's Wish The story of what really was responsible for the tragic death of one of the greatest comedians of our time. Love
The Argument A spunky comedy about a couple trying to finally settle an argument. You
Bill & Ted Face the Music The continuing adventures of two of the sweetest and most courteous anti-heroes in many a moon. Kindness
Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump From psychologists who have a Duty to Warn, a scary portrait of the consequences of the behavior of President Donald Trump. … Shadow
Made in Bangladesh An inspiring portrait of a persistent and resilient young woman fighting for workers' rights in a garment factory. You
Fatima A religious drama about the remarkable faith of a young girl after her account of seeing the Virgin Mary is questioned by family, community, and the church. Vision
The August Virgin A Rohmer-esque drama set in Madrid about a young woman's quest for a new way of living and meaningful relationships. Questing
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