DVD/Streaming Reviews

One Night in Miami A fictional recreation of a gathering of four Black leaders and their sometimes heated conversation about their goals and aspirations. Justice
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom A fierce and poetic study of music, history, and racism. Justice
News of the World Western about the healing power of storytelling and kindness as a spiritual practice. Kindness
The Father A drama with a mix of sunshine and shadows about a man facing dementia and his daughter struggling to provide him the care he refuses. Love
Sound of Metal A quietly powerful portrait of disability, addiction, and recovery. Silence
Promising Young Woman An inventive feminist study of revenge and grief. Justice
Nomadland The remarkable odyssey of a feisty woman who finds community and her true self in her home on the road. You
Farewell Amor A touching family drama about the sacred powers of dance. Transformation
Softie Involving documentary about the challenges facing a fearless young activist and his family in Kenya. Justice
The Salt of Tears Chronicle of a man and three different women who discover the disappointments, heartbreaks, and surprises in romantic relationships. Love
Our Friend A deeply spiritual drama about the beauties and bounties of friendship. Love
Sing Me a Song An exploration of the emotional undercurrents of the digital revolution in, of all places, a Buddhist monastery. Shadow
Small Axe: A Collection of Five Films A powerful anthology of stories about the challenges faced by and the triumphs scored by the West Indian community in London in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Justice
The Queen's Gambit A gripping miniseries revolving around a young woman's success in the previously all-male world of chess tournaments due to her determination, persistent study, and a little help from her friends. Play
Luxor A sensitive and slow drama about healing from trauma. Nurturing
Gunda A mesmerizing study of animal sentience. Reverence
The Forty-Year-Old Version A hilarious and provocative read on race, creativity, and the pressure to succeed. Imagination
David Byrne's American Utopia An inspiring musical trip through a creative new vision for building beloved community. Imagination
Black Beauty A splendid remake of the classic story about the value of truly partnering with a horse. Reverence
Hillbilly Elegy Film version of the memoir of a true believer in the traditional values of the American Dream. Love
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