Charles (Dany Boon) is a middle-aged taxi driver in modern-day Paris. He’s become frustrated with this job, impatient with other drivers and the hassles from his customers. He’s also in debt and in danger of losing his license. So when he is told about a lucrative fare, he drives out to the suburbs to pick up Madeleine (Line Renaud), a beautiful 92-year-old woman. She is moving to a retirement home. She’s in no hurry to get there and asks the driver to take her to some of the places in the city that have been significant in her life. Although this means crisscrossing Paris, Charles reluctantly agrees to do what she wants.

As they visit various neighborhoods, Madeleine shares stories of her life including experiences during World War II, her first kisses with an American soldier, protests against the Vietnam War, and her participation in the women’s rights movement. She recalls dark times too, including abuse from a violent husband.

Line Renaud as Madeleine and Dany Boon as Charles

Stories are transformative. As day turns to night, Charles and the enchanting elder grow relaxed with each other. They stop to go for walks and share a gourmet meal together. He talks about the love of his life and his daughter. She muses on what it means to grow old with no family around her. In just a few hours, they develop a deep friendship. That sometimes happens when people truly listen to each other.

Director Christian Carian draws out exquisite performance from Line Renaud and Dany Boon. He also conveys the architectural beauty of Paris and effectively uses classic love songs on the soundtrack.