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Spiritual Practices: Unity
Harmony, Solidarity

Loneliness, Individuality

The Basic Practice
Unity refers to living in harmony with other people. It means working for a common cause with those around the globe who know that when one person gains, all gain, and when one fails, all fail. We are crafting unity when we build communities.

The spiritual practice of hospitality helps us learn to respect differences and celebrate diversity in the Creation. Unity is about affirming commonalities. This can be as simple as acknowledging how you are like another person. It can lead to actions demonstrating your solidarity with others. Without unity, there is little hope for compassion, justice, or peace.

Why This Practice May Be For You

Feeling lonely and isolated from other people are symptoms of a lack of unity in your life. Extreme manifestations are alienation and estrangement. Sometimes we deliberately cut ourselves off from others by our tyrannical and arrogant behavior. We may be very protective of our turf and highly individualistic, only interested in having our own way.

Often these same tendencies lead us to build or support the walls that separate groups in our societies along economic, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or other lines. Gated, insular communities, where people show little interest in the outside world, are sure signs that unity needs to be practiced.

Unity is more than a passing acquaintance with our neighbors, a temporary agreement among parties, or a superficial feeling of community. Feelings of harmony run deeper and last longer. They broaden your spiritual life in all directions.


Resources on This Practice