To Every Thing There Is a Season weds the sacred verses from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible with the breathtaking artwork of illustrators Leo and Diane Dillon. Here is a global family album of the rhythms of life depicted through 16 different cultures and eras including Celtic, Egyptian, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Australian, Russian, and Inuit. Planting, plucking up, weeping, laughing, mourning, dancing, getting, losing, keeping, casting away, rending, sewing, keeping silence, speaking, loving, hating — these are universal experiences that unite people through time and space.

Another global album is Children Just Like Me by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley in association with UNICEF. A photographer and a teacher traveled to more than 30 countries to show that children all over the world are busy doing the same things. A different child is featured on each two-page spread with pictures and comments on his or her family, home, dress, toys, favorite activities, and more. The book's introduction sets the goal of this impressive project: Children Just Like Me you will meet children from all walks of life; from tiny rural communities to busy cities, from cold, snowy lands to the hot, humid tropics. You'll learn about these children's daily lives, their hopes and fears, and their dreams. And you'll discover how much these children have in common with each other — and with you!

These books also show the way to unity:

  • Same Same: Marthe Jocelyn and Tom Slaughter introduce children to a world of unity and similarities.
  • Dear Primo: Duncan Tonatiuh reveals how two cousins who have never met have much in common even though one lives in an American city and the other on a Mexican farm.
  • Mom and Me: Marla Stewart Konrad shows the unity of mothers around the world who love, nurture, and care for their children.
  • God's Dream: Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams honor the virtues of unity, diversity, openness, and working together for a more just and peaceful world.
  • All the World: Liz Garton Scanlon proclaims that the world is a friendly place filled with many bounties, pleasures, and unity.

More Children's Books about Unity