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Birthday of Louisa May Alcott Celebrate family solidarity and the values you stand for
Halloween A meditation on Halloween as an important ritual that gives children the freedom to explore the dark.
Birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt A celebration of the birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt who set a high standard of leadership and activism as First Lady of the United States.
Emotional Rescue A three-step emotional change plan.
This Beautiful Fantastic An enchanting fairy tale about the revitalization of an oddball young woman who is an aspiring writer.
Films about Northern Ireland and The Troubles Films about the people and pivotal events in the late twentieth century conflict over the status of Northern Ireland.
Boundless Heart An explanation of how a compassionate life is a fearless life requiring courage.
Donkeyote A wonderful nonfiction masterpiece about the questing spirit of an old Spaniard and his beloved donkey and dog.
Beauty and the Beast A wonder-filled live-action version of the romantic story that also offers us lessons common in good fairy tales.
Be Still And Know Insights into Christianity, Zen, and stillness.