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Birthday of Louisa May Alcott Celebrate family solidarity and the values you stand for
Halloween A meditation on Halloween as an important ritual that gives children the freedom to explore the dark.
Birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt A celebration of the birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt who set a high standard of leadership and activism as First Lady of the United States.
Writing to Awaken 48 lessons to unearth your true identity and help you tap into a more authentic and meaningful life.
Inspiring Courage A wonderful collection of quotes, poems, and stories about courage.
Brave New Jersey A clever dramedy about a small community that surges on a sea of troubles during Orson Welles' broadcast about an alien invasion.
Dunkirk An immersive movie that takes viewers inside the experience of war on sea, on the land, and in the air.
No Is Not Enough A ray of hope for stunned and benumbed progressives from the award-winning journalist.
The Lost City of Z A mesmerizing quest movie about a British explorer's dangerous expeditions to the Amazon rainforest.
Emotional Rescue A three-step emotional change plan.