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Eduardo Galeano in The Book of Embraces Who are my contemporaries?
Hunter of Stories A call for silence, please, from Eduardo Galeano.
Hunter of Stories Galeano’s last book in which he encourages us to sing our souls back in sync with the Earth.
Children of the Days Eduardo Galeano on how drones kill without remorse.
Children of the Days An impressive work of cogent, creative insight from a prophet who opens our eyes to the world as it could be if we would fight for peace, justice, and human equality.
Mirrors Eduardo Galeano with two excerpts on the shadow side of life revealed through criminal statistics not counted and the lethal weapon of our cars.
Walking Words Bold, imaginative, and thought-provoking collection of stories, paradoxes, aphorisms, and riddles.
Walking Words Eduardo Galeano on how hunger breakfasts on fear.
Mirrors Over six hundred illuminating vignettes about underdogs, losers, and the persecuted in the sweep of history over five thousand years.
Voices of Time Innovative and imaginative glimpses of the violent, wild, and crazy world we live in from one of Latin America's finest and most perceptive writers.