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Skating on Thin Ice Answers to the Question “What Is the Path of Self-Realization?”
Skating on Thin Ice Teachings on the path of self-realization based on personal experiences and spiritual practices.
Being Kindness A meditation on kindness as your natural state of being.
Gatha Walking A walking meditation to cultivate a sense of "hereness."
Healing Meditation A meditation for being kind to our own physical and emotional pain.
The Heart of Compassion A meditation to awaken our hearts and encompass pain with compassion.
Mapping the Mind An exercise to help us move from the small mind to Being Awareness.
Nightly Reflection A daily practice to help us shift from I-as-a-me to I-as-Awareness.
Being with Your Fear A Buddhist meditation teacher's practice for being with your fear, feeling it, recognizing when it is present, and experiencing it just as it is.
Pain Meditation A meditation by Ezra Bayda for working with pain.