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Gatha Walking A walking meditation to cultivate a sense of "hereness."
Healing Meditation A meditation for being kind to our own physical and emotional pain.
The Heart of Compassion A meditation to awaken our hearts and encompass pain with compassion.
Mapping the Mind An exercise to help us move from the small mind to Being Awareness.
Nightly Reflection A daily practice to help us shift from I-as-a-me to I-as-Awareness.
Being with Your Fear A Buddhist meditation teacher's practice for being with your fear, feeling it, recognizing when it is present, and experiencing it just as it is.
Pain Meditation A meditation by Ezra Bayda for working with pain.
Living From the Heart A Buddhist vow for saying yes, being aware, and seeing the face of God.
Releasing Attachments Ezra Bayda on the practice of letting go of our attachments.
Daily Practice Menu Ezra Bayda on creating a practice menu as a spiritual practice for everyday living and devotion.