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Openings A prayer with motions described by Larry Peacock.
Gifts of the Dark Wood A prayerful blessing for those on the path of divine guidance.
Prayers for the Domestic Church Edward Hays' prayer at the death of a pet.
Woman Prayer, Woman Song A liturgy affirming that we are one with the One who is Mystery.
Living with Intent The meaning of intents and their use in different religious traditions.
The Book of Blessings A poem by Rachel Korn about sorrow and compassion.
The Little Book of Prayers A Navajo Prayer on walking in beauty.
Fully Alive John Main on the importance of simplicity in your approach to Christian meditation.
Sacred Journeys A litany by Heather McVoy praying for bridges, mending, and community.
Sharing the Darkness Sheila Cassidy's personal credo.