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Joan Chittister in The Gift of Years Age is the antidote to personal destruction
Joan Chittister in Becoming Fully Human Gratitude does not demean us
Joan Chittister in Wisdom Distilled from the Daily Hospitality means we take people
Joan Chittister in In the Heart of the Temple Where are the contemplatives who see and ask
30-day Practice for Change A short prayer said silently to everyone and everything.
Joan Chittister in Light in the Darkness Someone will irritate you today
Prayer for World Peace A prayer for world peace from Sister Joan on the anniversary of 9/11.
Joan Chittister in The Gift of Years Find the beauty of what it means to age well
Buoy Yourself with Laughter Using humor to relieve daily burdens.
Joan Chittister in The Gift of Years Mystery is what happens when life evolves