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Walking with Henri Nouwen On Henri Nouwen's place in a long line of explorers of brokenness and transformation.
A Book of Hours Henri Nouwen's sample day of writings for observing the devotion of monastic Hours, from a book by Robert Waldron.
15 Days of Prayer with Henri Nouwen Robert Waldron on Henri Nouwen and how icons provide spiritual grounding and provide believers with signs of God's enduring love.
15 Days of Prayer with Henri Nouwen Explores the major themes in Henri Nouwen's life and writings.
A Book of Hours An inspiring collection of devotional writings by Henri Nouwen keyed to the monastic hours of the day.
Thomas Merton Examination of Merton's way of prayer and his practice of attention and beauty.
Walking with Thomas Merton A succinct and illuminating assessment of this mystical priest as a spiritual mentor for today.
Thomas Merton Robert Waldron writes on the ways in which Thomas Merton refined his powers of attention in his life.
Walking with Henri Nouwen A tribute to the life and writings of this spiritual teacher.