February 2
All Speak To Me: Finding hope

"The leaves that fall, the invisible winds that blow, the cleansing rains all speak to me of your spirit, invisible loving Mind, Holy God, home of my heart. From childhood, we become familiar with life's fragility, with mystery, with earthen energies full of renewal and promise, all speaking of the divine. So, although we find healthy doubt hovering in our hearts, we find hope in our bones and in our bodies, with a passion for life that knows no limitations. Ultimately you, Holy Spirit, are our hope, our real hope, our only hope.


• • •

April 9
This Earthly City: Hoping without end

"It is this earthly city, Holy Creating Spirit, that we are building. It is here that we are blossoming and becoming our full selves, drawing others into the comforting circle of life, especially those who may otherwise be left outside. Open my heart, Holy Mystery, so I may in turn find someone open to me. Religion starts here in community, in extraordinary diversity, rich in unknowns. Still our hearts are restless with the unexpected, and perhaps that is because we are created full of tomorrow, endlessly hopeful that life, like hope, may be itself endless.
"May it be so."