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Strange Heaven
Cloister Talks Jon M. Sweeney on devotion and finding ourselves able to listen to what we normally can't hear.
Praying with Our Hands Presents twenty-one practices of embodied prayer.
Born Again and Again A progressive Christian's autobiographical jaunt through his past fundamentalist experiences which also models the spiritual practices of openness and hospitality.
The Lure of Saints A lively mix of material on those exemplary persons who have fertilized everything with God.
Almost Catholic Jon Sweeney on devotion through use of prayer beads.
The St. Francis Prayer Book Explores the devotional life of this Catholic saint as a model for contemporary Christians.
The Lure of Saints Jon M. Sweeney on the need for miracles of justice.
The St. Clare Prayer Book A handy overview of the devotional life of St. Clare.
Margaret's First Holy Week The latest adventures in prayer, penance, and liturgy of the Pope's adopted cat.