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Jon M. Sweeney Biographical profile of one of Spirituality & Practice's book reviewers.
Ecological Spirituality How only a change of theology will heal us and the planet.
Somehow Poignant reminder of love’s fundamentals.
How to Focus Learning focus and attention from monks.
Secrets of Greek Mysticism Reclaiming Greek divinities as more than clever stories.
For Love of the Broken Body A Catholic memoir that shows the joy in self-discovery.
Judaism Is About Love A call to remember that Jewish ethics and theology are about love.
Radiant The shining presence of an eighties artist who brought joy to many.
A Month of Eckhart (May 1 - 31) Poetic revoicings of the writings of mystic Meister Eckhart with commentaries and related parctices.
Field Notes for the Wilderness Hope and spiritual practices for people experiencing loss at the hands of faith.