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Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace Seven focus themes for the prayers of holy fools that emerge from the life and writings of and about St. Francis and Brother Juniper.
Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace Essays on the prayer styles of early Franciscans with suggested liturgies on prayers of St. Francis, St. Clare, and the Holy Fools.
Margaret's Night in St. Peter's The further endearing adventures of the Pope's cat, this time on Christmas Eve.
The Spirituality of Cats (January 18 - February 12, 2021) Lessons from two cats tied to the wisdom and practices of the world's spiritual tradition.
St. Francis of Assisi A poem or song given by St. Francis as encouragement to his friend Brother Leo.
St. Francis of Assisi An essential resource on the way of life advanced by the most popular of the Christian saints.
Meister Eckhart's Book of Secrets A poem by Meister Eckhart
Meister Eckhart's Book of Secrets Samples from Meister Eckhart's writings on the marvelous and manifold mysteries of the Holy One.
The Universal Christ A contemplative Christian's reconceptualizing of the Christ Mystery.
The Spirituality of St. Francis A spiritual journey to see how the spirit of Francis of Assisi has the power to liberate our lives today.