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The St. Francis Prayer Book Jon M. Sweene on a devotional benediction taken from St. Francis of Assisi's Rule.
Praying with Our Hands Presents twenty-one practices of embodied prayer.
Light in the Dark Ages Francis and Clare of Assisi's sensitivity for living and organic things.
The Lure of Saints A lively mix of material on those exemplary persons who have fertilized everything with God.
The Pope's Cat A delightful story for children of a stray cat rescued from the street by the Pope.
The St. Francis Prayer Book Explores the devotional life of this Catholic saint as a model for contemporary Christians.
Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson on how divine revelation works.
The St. Clare Prayer Book A handy overview of the devotional life of St. Clare.
Born Again and Again Jon M. Sweeney on inner devotion to Christ.
Strange Heaven A fascinating overview of the many ways in which our views are changing about Mary the mother of Jesus.