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The Spirituality and Practice e-newsletter is a regular update from Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat with teaching stories and links to new posts on the site.

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Anglican Christianity


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InterSpiritual Wisdom
A rare opportunity to learn from six pioneers of InterSpirituality.

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More Teachers

David Adam
David Anderson
Megory Anderson
Lauren Artress
Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
Malcolm Boyd
Avery Brooke
Sophy Burnham
Robert Farrar Capon
L. William Countryman
Esther de Waal
Tilden Edwards
Debra K. Farrington
Nora Gallagher
Margaret Guenther
Suzanne Guthrie
Carter Heyward
Morton Kelsey
Sue Monk Kidd
Kenneth Leech
C. W. McPherson
J. Philip Newell
John A. Sanford
John Shelby Spong
Brian C. Taylor
Barbara Brown Taylor
Phyllis Tickle
Caroline Westerhoff
Rowan Williams

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• discover how prayer can be a great adventure of faith
• savor beautiful worship services that engage all the senses
• pay attention to the meanings inherent in the seasons of the church year
• pray the Daily Office with readings and Psalms from the Book of Common Prayer
• broaden your understanding of the historical Jesus and the post-Easter Christ
• honor the life-transforming power of forgiveness and reconciliation
• discover how worship fulfills both your need to lament and your need to praise
• learn from teachers and writers about the pleasures of everyday spirituality
• experience contemplative practices such as walking the labyrinth
• pursue spiritual direction for discernment and to deepen your relationship with God.
• step into biblical stories to see what they can teach you
• see yourself as a agent of God doing good in the world

Other videos

Matthew Fox-A New Reformation

Madeleine L'Engle: Infinite Questions

Feature Films

Keeping Mum
Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)


For the Bible Tells Me So
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Lectio Divina with Medicines
Bring your prescriptions into your prayers.

Expand Your Capacity for Spontaneous Play
Create small adventures of unplanned play.

Arrow Prayers
Use a short phrase to turn the mind toward grace.

Always Breathe Christ
Sense the paradise that Christ offers you through your connection to your breath.

Pray for Your Enemy
Think about praying first for the one who infuriates you.

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