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Jesus Books Brief reviews with links to full reviews of 50 books about Jesus of Nazareth, his life, teachings, and impact, that reveal the many ways he has been seen throughout history.
Transfiguration A thought-provoking and soul-stirring book that encourages us to practice Jesus' way of fearless nonviolence.
The Hidden Gospel A fascinating look at Aramaic spirituality.
The Little Notebook Charts the details of a life shared and the unalloyed love at the heart of it.
A Glimpse of Jesus A good case against self-hatred, the troublesome and widespread obstacle to spiritual growth and maturity.
Snow Falling on Snow Excerpts from five of his best-selling books.
The Imitation of Christ A devotional classic on the four treatises of the spiritual life.
We Preach Christ Crucified Describes the Lenten experience as a rendezvous with the scandal of Christ's passion.
Christ is a Native American Based on this Catholic professor of theology's research on native communities across Canada since 1982.
The Mustard Seed Surveys the mystical riches in Christianity.