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Heart Speaks to Heart Henri J. M. Nouwen on how Jesus chooses to reveal his love to us.
The Imitation of Christ A devotional classic on the four treatises of the spiritual life.
St. Ambrose in Praying the Rosary Bring forth Christ in faith
The Dwelling of the Light Rowan Williams on Jesus as the great unifier of the separations and divisions created by human beings.
The Zen Teachings of Jesus Depicts the man from Nazareth as an artist who sought to draw out the joy, creativity, and wonder of those who listened to him.
Finding God in a Tangled World A soul-stirring collection of parables and thoughts by two Christians in Latvia.
Snow Falling on Snow Excerpts from five of his best-selling books.
Jesus for the Non-Religious John Shelby Spong with a lament to Jesus as a believer in exile.
Jesus in the Eyes of the Sufis Sayings and stories of this prophet from Nazareth who embodied the qualities of sincerity, purity, and self-abnegation.
Son of Man Andrew Harvey on Jesus' crucifixion and how it reveals the importance of both justice and mercy in Jesus' ministry.