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The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus Makes a good case for embodying the words and deeds of Jesus.
The Unveiling of Love Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak's story about a man receiving God's love.
St. Ambrose in Praying the Rosary Bring forth Christ in faith
Forgiveness Paula Huston on why forgiveness as Jesus teaches it in the Gospels is the natural extension of his wider teachings on love.
The Zen Teachings of Jesus Depicts the man from Nazareth as an artist who sought to draw out the joy, creativity, and wonder of those who listened to him.
Walking the Way of Sorrows An excellent devotional resource for Good Friday.
The Imitation of Christ A devotional classic on the four treatises of the spiritual life.
Befriending the Stranger Jean Vanier on how Jesus linked unity and faith together.
Snow Falling on Snow Excerpts from five of his best-selling books.
Eucharist with a Small "e" On opening our eyes to see the spirit of Jesus in all people and in the wider world.