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Confession Calls for the recovery of this spiritual practice that restores our communion with God.
My Sweet Little Village A colorful, warm-hearted, and endearing Czech film about community life.
Good Fences Deals with the tension in Christian communities between maintaining boundaries and practicing hospitality to others who are quite different from us.
Another Time, Another Place A compelling tale of forbidding love.
I Have Arrived, I Am Home Thich Nhat Hanh with guidelines for the practice of shining light on others.
Very Annie Mary An exuberant comedy with music, a valentine to all those lost and lonely souls who yearn to be free.
Lu Hsun in Hope's Edge Hope is just like the roads across the earth.
Together A wonderfully idiosyncratic and totally satisfying Swedish film set in a 1975 commune in Stockholm where openness to others slowly evolves as a spiritual practice.
The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly Alan Briskin, Tom Callanan on the essential qualities and benefits of collective wisdom that emerge when people work together in groups.
Simon Magus A lyrical tribute to the mysteriousness of life and death, set in a Polish village in the nineteenth century.