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Walking a Sacred Path A good case for this meditation tool as an archetype, a sacred space, a ritual, and a key unlocking the feminine principle, the imagination, and the inner resources of soul.
Walking a Literary Labyrinth Recommends that we make better use of books as meditative tools in our search for wholeness.
The Sand Labyrinth Ways to make the most out of sand labyrinths.
To walk a sacred path is to discover To walk a sacred path is to discover
Passages in Caregiving Gail Sheehy on fearlessly advocating for your loved one and taking care of yourself.
Heaven in Stone and Glass An appreciation of the meanings inherent in these great houses of God.
A Journey to the Center A spiritual exercise for the walk inward to the centerpoint.
Faithful Practices A celebration of the zest, creativity, and resilience of everyday spirituality.
Open Spaces, Sacred Places Pictures and accounts of 12 public sacred places that reflect nature's healing and unifying powers.