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Spiritual Practices:


Daily Cue, Reminder, Vow, Blessing

• Shaking hands is a cue for me to practice forgiveness.

• When I clean my room, I am reminded of the cleansing and restorative power of forgiveness.

• When I put my foot on the gas pedal in my car, I vow to accelerate the practice of forgiveness in my life.

• Blessed is the One Who Embraces All who forgives us and asks us to forgive others.


Prayer, Mantra

This prayer uses the familiar words (your choice of the version) from the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, which is known as The Lord's Prayer.

Breathing in: Forgive us our   errors/sins/trespasses . . .
Breathing out: As we forgive those who   error/sin/trespass against us.


Imagery Exercise

"Climbing the Waterfall" is based in part on a scene in the film The Mission. The intention is to experience being forgiven.

Breathe out three times. See yourself standing before a majestic waterfall. Find a large rope sack and place inside it, one by one, all the burdens and distresses of your life for which you feel guilty. Now begin to climb the slippery rocks alongside the waterfall, pulling the sack containing your burdens, distresses, and guilts. Feel and sense the weight of the sack, the sharpness of the rocks under your feet, the cold spray of water on your face. Knowing that this climb is your choice, how do you feel?

On the rock ledges at the side of the waterfall, meet people you have wronged. Apologize to each of them for what you have done and ask him or her for forgiveness. Greet them, one after another, no matter how they respond to you. Know that with each greeting, a burden is being released.

Breathe out one time. Reaching the top of the waterfall, enter into a rainforest, taking your sack of burdens, distresses, and guilts with you. Notice how the sack looks and feels now. At a clearing in the center of the forest, meet the being who finally removes the sack from you. As this being helps you bury the remains of the sack, know that you are forgiven. How do you feel?

When you are ready, open your eyes.


Practice of the Day

Forgiveness is an embrace, across all barriers, against all odds, in defiance of all that is mean and petty and vindictive and cruel in this life.
— Kent Nerburn in Calm Surrender

To Practice This Thought: Embrace in your heart everyone you need to forgive, including yourself.


Spiritual Exercises

Dale Turner in Grateful Living advocates forgiving small infractions, like dialing a wrong number.


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