Ways to practice Forgiveness include letting go, confession of sins, repentance, reconcilitation, passing the peace, and the specific practices below.

Asking for Forgiveness by Melinda Ribner offers wisdom on why it's good to routinely ask for forgiveness.

A Blessing for an Aggravating Moment by Kathleen Schmitt Elias recommends letting go of anger by replacing it with a blessing.

Achieving a Truly Forgiving Heart by Robert Muller suggests daily steps towards forgiveness.

Don't Hold Grudges by Allan Lokos pushes us to find a way to forgive.

Forgiveness Chant by Lama Surya Das is an anonymous chant recommended by Lama Surya Das for such occasions as 9/11.

Forgiveness Meditation by Jack Kornfield suggests a meditation to practice forgiving yourself and those who have hurt or harmed you.

Forgiveness Vase by Tom Cowan proposes using flowers to let go of insults.

Forgiving Small Infractions by Dale Turner voices observations on the value of forgiving others for small offenses.

Forgiving the Ignorance by Kristin Ritzau entreats us to rise above bitterness and cultivate hope.

Giving and Taking by Victor Chan spells out a meditation technique for forgiving enemies.

God Will Forgive You by Edward Hays urges bowing to symbolize God's forgiveness.

Letting People Off the Hook by Allan Lokos offers counsel on releasing resentment and negativity.

Looking for Repentance by Habib Todd Boerger and Flora Slosson Wuellner explores following Jesus' example in relation to forgiveness.

Nighttime Forgiveness Practice by Jamal Rahman presents suggestions for forgiving yourself and others every night.

Nonretaliation or Forgiveness by Robert Thurman sets down a practice for developing patience, compassion, and the capacity to forgive through imagining violent scenarios that habitually make you angry.

Passing Peace by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat suggests a peace ritual for forgiveness.

Praying for Transformation by Jane Vennard conveys the importance of prayers for forgiveness as instruments of help and healing for ourselves, others, and the world.

Releasing the Desire for Revenge by Tom Cowan explains a ritual to become more forgiving.

Take the "I" Out of Relationships by Thubten Chodron advises us to let go of anger and hostility by seeing others’ pain and confusion and wishing them freedom from suffering.

The Power of Forgiveness by Angeles Arrien records three ways to consciously invite forgiveness into your life.

The Renewal of Forgiveness by Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat suggests using a ritual for releasing our faults and failings.

More Spiritual Practices about Forgiveness